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Note: our system indicates that Javascript is disabled or not supported by your browser. In order to take advantage of full functionality of this site, javascript must be enabled. Please change your browser options. We speak to leading organisations plugging the driver shortage with incredible female truckies.

Our new report highlights how employers can future-proof Australia's tech industry whilst also meeting the needs of talent today. Organisations are now focusing on productivity to remain competitive in a downturn.

With our insight in this report, you too can optimise your organisation's productivity. Every year, 20 organisations join the ranks of Australia's most attractive employers. This is awarded in recognition of their diligent approach to nurturing their employer brand.

Knowing you need specialised talent is one thing - understanding how to attract them is another. Our research encompasses key insights on a company, country and global level. Just a few simple questions so we can get to know you better — and make your search easier.

See how we're driving HR technology that can pinpoint your business needs - and grab the industry's best talent for your company. As comes to an end, it is time to plan and build a new future for in the public sector. Read on to discover some tips that can help you refresh your career for a successful New Year. Being made redundant can be a very difficult and emotional time for some, especially with the uncertainty of their future job prospects.

It is important to note that a genuine redundancy payment will We've all reached a point in our careers where we feel ready to take our skills and responsibilities to the next level.

By taking a few practical steps with patience, dedication, and commitment, Declining a job is never easy. Here are 5 ways to help you craft a polite rejection response. The email field is required. The password field is required. Remember me? Use another service to log in.

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Don't have a profile yet? Register as a new user. Warning: Javascript disabled Note: our system indicates that Javascript is disabled or not supported by your browser. Without trucks Australia stops. We support people and organisations in realising their true potential.

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Moving them forward. Human Forward. We combine our passion for people with the power of today's technology.Located on Clerkenwell Road, it is in close walking distance to Farringdon Crossrail and TFL station, the hotel occupies the site of a formerly disused petrol station turned pop-up venue and comprises of guestrooms, club lounge, cafe and bar at ground floor as well as gym, co-working and meeting rooms. Based on the overall Biophilic vision for the campus, we developed environmental graphics based of natural feature and wildlife found in the immediate area, such as the Egrits, Redwoods, Deers and others.

Biophilic design requires reinforcing and integrating design interventions that connect with the overall setting or space. The optimal functioning of all organisms depends on immersion within habitats where the various elements comprise a complementary, reinforcing, and interconnected whole. Spaceagency developed a unique branding, wayfinding and signage scheme that is based on the unique architectural and spatial characteristics.

Developed by Phase 3 Architects, Stone Street will be stretching 1. Stone Street will include 12 discreet public spaces with a sense of civic-ness and activated pedestrian participation for future culture and communities. Stone Street consists of 12 office blocks, a flagship department store, two fine-dining blocks, a theatre, a complex of 16 cinemas, a keys hotel and serviced apartment.

An unobstructed pedestrian promenade stretches from one end to the other and offers a unique outdoor experience for the car-afflicted inhabitants of Cairo. The signage and wayfinding at Devonshire Square provides a clear, consistent and accessible information for orientation, legibility and navigation, linking into the existing wayfinding information within the surrounding context. The wayfinding elements within the site support connectivity to the area and promote sustainable transport modes.

At the same time, the signage continues to support the recognition of the identity of the campus to raise awareness for this public amenity space within the City.

Working with Aecom Abu Dhabi, Spaceagency has developed strategies and designs to improve the public realm, and in particular the Wayfinding and Signage, across 13 selected Riyadh neighbourhoods. The objective is to encourage walking, cycling, and public life.

Streets function as the place for interaction and communication, transportation, social and commercial activities for the general public, so reclaiming streets for all users, and shifting away from the dominance of cars, is an important objective of this initiative.

Riyadh public realm, like in other cities, bas been dominated by private cars for decades and there is a need to reprioritize community development objectives for a more sustainable and liveable environment. In Spaceagency was appointed to work on the Wayfinding and interactive landscape installations for the relaunch of Dreamland heritage theme park in Margate, Kent. The park was being expanded to include a new event space to stage large scale concerts as well as installing many new attractions.

branding agency london technology

Spaceagency created a series of sculptural 3D Letters, made from the letters that form the work 'Dreamland'. Two sets of letters, starting at opposite ends of the park, are paired in sets on an upright and a laying down letter.

This trail of installations provides orientation and wayfinding points and at the same time opportunities for sitting and resting. We paired blackened steel on the side with mirror polished distressed steel at the front of the letters, the mirror reflecting the 'Otherworldlyness of 'Dream-Land' and the blacked steel providing a robust counterbalance to anchor the letters in the present day.

Hertiage and narrative information about the various rides and attractions is displayed on freestanding structures evocative of games of a bygone, romanticised era such as playing or tarot cards.

The new Abu Dhabi International Airport Midfield Terminal Complex MTC will process up to 80 million passengers each year to meet the needs of the rapidly expanding Middle East capital, dominating a key position in the global race for fast-growing luxury air travel and transfer points. Spaceagency, together with Weston Williamson, was commissioned in by Transport for Greater Manchester to design and implement a pedestrian wayfinding and signage scheme for the city of Manchester.

The vision for the Greater Manchester Connected Wayfinding project is to create an outstanding pedestrian urban environment in Manchester that puts pedestrians at the heart of the movement strategy for the city and wider region.

The project aligns with the City Centre Transport Strategywhich focuses on creating an integrated, well coordinated transport system which supports walking and cycling alongside easy modal interchange to the public transport system. Spaceagency is appointed to design the system and the pilot scheme for a city centre roll out of pedestrian totem signs as part of the integrated pedestrian and transport information system for Transport for Greater Manchester, in collaboration with Manchester City Council.

Working with Pattern Design Architects we developed a wayfinding system taking inspiration from the traditional Inca Nazca lines. They are deeply rooted in the Peruvian Society and important part of everyday life.

The scheme was developed to a very compressed programme and tight budget and was completed on time, and on budget ahead of the official opening of the games.

As a prototype development for a new generation of shoppers and shopping, Spaceagency developed a comprehensive Wayfinding and Signage strategy for the Eastland Shopping Centre in Melbourne, Australia. The Eastland Shopping Centre, located in the Ringwood suburb approximately 8km outside of downtown Melbourne, towards the Yarra Valley wine growing region, lies at the heart of a larger urban regeneration effort that includes upgraded and extend shopping and transportation facilities, a Town Square, Micro Brewery and Hotel as well as a community and education centre.

The role of the Wayfinding and signage in this context was to act as the glue linking the different fragments together.

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We conducted extensive research into customer circulation patterns in retail environments and how wayfinding typically works in environments. We thoroughly analysed the existing centre with regards to decision points, route hierarchy and expected pedestrian footfall.What Did Digital Agencies Focus in ?

KOTA are an international award-winning agency. We are the go-to scale-up social media specialists, delivering impact and expertise from day one. We inspire audiences with bold social content — for our clients, our partners and our own media brands.

We help the most exciting brands unlock growth through carefully crafted paid media campaigns and digital experiences. Crowdform is a digital product and venture activation studio. They create innovative platforms, apps and websites for startups and global brands.

AI-Driven Experience Design. Founded by digital expert and entrepreneur, Aaron Crewe. Routes 4 Media is a full-funnel digital agency, that delivers results for businesses in a range of industries, globally, B2B and B2C. They have an extremely talented team!

Your Favourite Story helps businesses unlock value by finding opportunities in data, they are digital analytics specialists. There are various types of digital marketing agencies.

Here you can find out the agencies by their services and your needs.

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Builtvisible is a proudly independent, unashamedly specialist organic digital marketing agency that works to deliver the most meaningful agency experience in the world.

We take care of business goals while keeping our ears open to users and their needs. Fifteen is an award winning, client focussed, results driven digital agency specialising in website design, website development, SEO, digital marketing and creative. The Brains are London's top reviewed Lead Generation agency. Their mission is to get clients more customers. All their team is UK based. We create kick-ass, bespoke WordPress websites and killer marketing services! Performance marketing agency for SaaS.

Reach goals that others couldn't. Find opportunities that others missed.

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Hit your MQL targets every time.Have you ever wondered why branding agencies are becoming so popular? There are many reasons for this trend. Branding agencies can help new brands create a distinctive presence in an overcrowded marketplace such as ours.

Agencies help existing brands reposition themselves in order to remain relevant when new trends and consumer preferences emerge. As agencies have liaisons with resource and service providers in their industry, clients can get services and expertise at a much lower cost.

So, branding brings in business. Why would you not hire a branding agency? Image via LinkedIn. Now that you understand why branding agencies could be important for your business, you need to identify the agencies that can give you the most bang for your buck.

branding agency london technology

How can you find the right agency? We have evaluated them on several parameters such as services offered and price structure. Verbal and visual branding is the stronghold of this agency. Brand marketing is the next step to branding. BrandTuitive breathes life into your personal story and puts it in front of people who matter.

Brand launch, product launch, brand awareness, and social media marketing are some of the methods they deploy. The full-service agency offers end-to-end branding solutions, from logo designing to experiential marketing. They inspect your personal story and decide the tone, theme, colours, and platforms that are your best fit. Each branding element is designed to bring your best side to the forefront.

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Their experts provide sound marketing advice in the form of concrete lead generation strategies and full-scale campaigns for platforms of your choice.

In other words, you get placement, execution, and delivery from a single tool. A women-owned independent branding agency, Motto has garnered industry accolades from Clutch and DesignRush.

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Their brand strategy includes storytelling, naming, brand architecture, and messaging. Each tactic pivots around market research and insights. The brand design module covers visual identity, logo design, iconography, and brand guidelines. Motto can assist you in setting up WordPress blogs, Shopify sites, and even your own mobile apps. They develop mesmerising branded content at pocket-friendly prices.

Their resource library contains comprehensive workbooks that entrepreneurs and influencers can buy to kickstart their branding journey. They finetune your visual identity and messaging across all customer-facing touchpoints. Their suite of services includes branding, website designing, ecommerce solutions, graphic design, and digital marketing.

They erect a framework for messaging and positioning across channels. For each client, Traina Design develops a unique stylistic guide that is refined and reviewed periodically. The client is given full access to their digital assets so that they can edit as needed. Brand launch is a unique service offered by Traina Design.

They help new brands take their first steps by creating an intertwined internal and external marketing strategy. The results? An authentic brand image that fosters loyalty and trust. A compelling brand identity is a must for every progressive entrepreneur and brand.

They craft a vision, mission, and messaging that revolves around your brand personality.Get in Touch Subscribe to digital marketing and promotional information Absolute Check out our wide range of digital marketing services.

As a part of your digital marketing strategy London, we integrate content, technical and offsite pillars into our campaigns to enhance your visibility and provide tangible results.

ROI-focused paid search marketing campaigns tailored to your brand. Our digital marketing specialist London drive traffic and leads to your business in a cost-effective way. Connect with the world on a wider scale through the use of social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and more.

Content is king and a core focus of each of our digital marketing London and Essex campaigns. From the colour scheme, to images and videos, our skilled digital marketing experts can craft designs suited to your exact requirements.

Leave the technical side to us. We blend creativity with technical expertise to produce stunning, bespoke websites which work seamlessly on all devices.

branding agency london technology

Discover, interpret and communicate better with your target audience and customers through comprehensive data and analytics. Step into the shoes of your customers and tailor your website to their needs with our CRO strategies.

Through our structured, systematic approach, we are able to produce tangible results and boost your revenue. Delivering a meaningful and relevant experience to your users can improve brand reputation and boost conversions. Our deep understanding of your users allows us to ensure each element of your page is fully optimised.

A stand-out website design will attract consumers to your brand, enhance perceived trustworthiness and ultimately increase conversions. Our designs achieve just that while remaining multi-device ready and SEO-optimised.

From finance and professional services and business, to healthcare and travel, our varied portfolio of exciting, integrated digital marketing campaigns showcases our detailed, modern approach to marketing. Take a look for yourself! Find out how Absolute Digital Media delivered a See how Absolute Digital Media redesigned and developed QuidMarket's website to increase click-through rates and drive conversions with our expert digital marketing services.

Find out how we helped Foot Active increase their sales revenue by Find out how we helped leading horse rug provider, Ruggles Equestrian, achieve a Find out how we helped FootActive to achieve a Sinceour campaigns been recognised by several esteemed awarding bodies including the UK Search Awards and the European Search Awards. With an increasing number of people heading online to find out more about a business, their products and services, having a structured digital marketing strategy is indispensable.

As one of the leading full-service digital marketing companies in Essex, our creative, proactive approach will ensure that you achieve the best results from your marketing efforts, increasing traffic and revenue, whilst minimising costs.

We believe that an effective digital marketing strategy is one that intertwines all channels seamlessly, offering an efficient approach to search engine optimisation and, with a tailored digital marketing strategy in place to support your online branding efforts, the potential is endless.

Whether you require a Digital Marketing specialist to take your website to new heights, a PPC expert to aid your online advertising or a Social Media guru to connect you with people in all corners of the internet, our digital marketing agency experts can help.

Our digital marketing management team is made up of eight individuals who specialise in various parts of the digital marketing industry from SEO, PPC, Content Marketing and Social Media, to Design and Development with more than years of expertise between them— and counting! Meet the digital marketing management team:. As part of our efforts, we keep up with the latest news and updates and through our industry leading digital marketing magazine, we can pass this knowledge on to you.Everything we do is about connecting you with your customers.

We start with emotional branding to connect with their hearts and then we make it easier for you to connect with them no matter where they show up.

From mobile and social spaces to traditional places, we apply equal parts talent, creativity, marketing and technology to get you better results than branding or digital marketing can do alone. Our combined teams will work with you to create a beautiful, fast product, a great user experience and a measurable marketing plan to ensure success at every level. Together we are better. We are a native app development, website development, integrated marketing and branding agency located in London, Ontario.

Meet our digital dream team. Bridgestone Executive Symposium App. Charging Into Business Together. Bridgestone Proud to work with Bridgestone America. RhinoActive Dream it. Build it. Legate Lawyers. Who Care s? Sqrd A game that's so easy it's hard to stop playing.

Coming Soon.

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MTD Making noise with quiet technology. Calhoun Digital strategy. Injection App A native app designed for Doctors. MacKinnon Brewery Just look at it for Fox sake! Dixie Outlet Mall Capturing the thrill of the deal.This can be seen in the use of type and graphic gesture, colour and texture and the implication of layers. The catalogue comes in two editions, English and Norwegian, differentiated by colour across their covers.

Continue reading this article. LogoArchive is a series of booklets dedicated to the modernist logo-making of the mid-century.

It can be enjoyed as is and just for that. The LogoArchive booklets function as spaces for enquiry, both abstract and concrete. In this way, the project is a super-narrative, to be understood in different ways and from different points. The project is also a platform for design discourse. Below, an invitation to answer questions by Elliott Moody offered such a platform to share some more of the ideas behind this Extra Issue.

The answers below are published in their entirety. You can view the TBI article here. LogoArchive Akogare is now available on the LogoArchive. LogoArchive returns with its fourth collaborative Extra Issue and first bi-lingual release, documenting the forms of Japanese logo design.

Through the distinctive smaller format of the bound booklet LogoArchive seeks to surprise and delight with each new issue, introducing new collaborators to offer unexpected interpretations of the ubiquitous logo book.

For this Extra Issue, Hugh Miller orchestrates graphic impact and material nuance to honour the unique visual legacy and craft associated with Japan. In addition, the words of Tokyo-based designer and writer Ian Lynam, and his assistant Iori Kikuchi, offer an introduction into Japanese symbols.

OMA now has seven offices.

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